VeriScreen Hires VP of Business Development

December 8, 2015
VeriScreen is please to announce that they have hired Scott Dickinson, formerly VP of Business Development with E-Screen to head up their business development..  Scott has a proven track record of taking quality companies like VeriScreen to the next level... Read more »

Is Fingerprinting The Answer?

December 8, 2015
Our industry has done a very poor job of letting a company from France come into the US and convince state legislators that fingerprinting is the only way to do background checks.  This is an FBI check against their database... Read more »

State Reporting Requirements for Landlords and Employers

October 13, 2015
Exclusive for VeriScreen clients and customers! With all the changes in background screening affecting your business VeriScreen is now able to help you meet these challenges by giving you access to the State Rules Register. This easy-to-use and practical software product is... Read more »

I9 Compliance Services

October 13, 2015
Employers are required to be compliant with I9 regulations. Noncompliance can result in hefty fines per applicant if caught. At VeriScreen, we can help you stay compliant with I9 regulations so you can stay compliant. Take a look at VeriScreen's... Read more »

Ban The Box for Municipalities

September 21, 2015
Updated July 1, 2015 1 Municipality Restrictions on Criminal Records There are a number of municipal or county entities with restrictions applicable to employers and landlords on the use of criminal records. Below are explanations for extensive restrictions in place... Read more »

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