Boys & Girls Club of Franklin

I wanted to say how pleased I am with our switch to VeriScreen. The transition was smooth and seamless.  The turnaround time on a background check is quick and accurate. VeriScreen charges us one flat rate, and we get all the records.  Because of the flat rate, we have saved money from our previous screening company that charged for records!   The customer support is excellent and the people answering the phones are friendly and helpful.  We appreciate all that VeriScreen does for Boys & Girls Clubs.  I would suggest everyone involved with Boys and Girls Clubs talk with VeriScreen for their volunteer screening.      
Keith Stafford,
Boys & Girls Club of Franklin

Pam Evits, VP, Custom Staffing

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with VeriScreen's products and service level. Our average turnaround time is just under 1 day unlike the sometimes 2-3 weeks we were experiencing from our previous vendor. As you know, our business is about finding quality employees and getting them background checked as quickly as possible so we can get them placed at our customer's locations. Your comprehensive background check gives us confidence to know that if one of our customers decides to hire one of our employees after 90 days, there will not be any surprises when they run their own background check because we have already provided them with a thorough report. We can confidently say we do a comprehensive background check to our customers, get a quality report, in a timely manner the first time with NO FALSE POSITIVES. Knowing Veriscreen clears those beforehand takes all the worry away from us. Your RAs (Research Analysts) are always available when we call with knowledgeable responses to our questions and workable solutions when we need something. Not getting voicemails or menu trees keeps it personal and such a value when we need an answer quickly. Thank you again for your professional service and quality product.
Pam Evits,
VP, Custom Staffing

Wendy Blackwell, Tri-State Management, Monticello, AR

I have to say that since I started using Veriscreen for my background and credit checks in May of 2015, I have been very pleased. I continued to use another company the first few months to decide which better fit my companies needs and it didn't take long to realize that Veriscreen was much more efficient. The customer service I receive each time I call is wonderful, every single person that I've had the pleasure of talking to has always been nice, respectful and helpful. The response time to the reports and any crazy question I might throw at Veriscreen's representatives is amazing. I have almost 30 complexes that I pull reports for and our Sales Rep went above and beyond to help me organize the billing so it was easier for my accounting department to do their job.  I am very glad we switched to Veriscreen and can honestly say I am 100% satisfied with your company! Thank you all for doing such a great job!
Wendy Blackwell,
Tri-State Management, Monticello, AR

Bryan Vaal, Evansville Icemen

Thanks to VeriScreen, we were able to speed up the hiring process of our new broadcaster with the Evansville IceMen. Our applicant had accepted the job and was ready to move into his apartment in Evansville, IN.  The apartment complex returned a background check saying he was a sex offender because he had a similar name as a real sex offender.  We have known this person for many years and asked him about it. He had never been to the state that the report indicated he was a registered sex offender!  He called the apartment complex and told them the record was not his.  After a week of going back and forth with the apartment complex, I decided to run his application through VeriScreen, the official background screening company of the IceMen. VeriScreen did their comprehensive background check and found the false record. We submitted VeriScreen’s background check to the apartment complex and they overturned the denied application and he was able to move-in and sign a lease within a day.  As the official background screening company of the IceMen, we use VeriScreen for all of our players that mostly have international residences and birthplaces.  They have always been very prompt and accurate in delivering a comprehensive background check. Our years of experience with VeriScreen have made me realize they provide the best product and service in the industry and we would recommend them to anyone.  Thank you, VeriScreen for getting this resolved.  We did not want our new broadcaster to have a negative experience his first week in Evansville and thanks to you it was rectified promptly and accurately.
Evansville Icemen,
Professional Hockey Team

Anonymous User

  Veriscreen was much easier with processing a report and self explanatory.  Yardi has too many tabs you have to access and if you aren't trained you wouldn't know what to do.  You also have to enter much more information in Yardi versus Veriscreen. In addition, we don't see the credit reports anymore, the computer approves and denies applicants based on property rental guidelines.  
Anonymous User,
Forced to Switch to Yardi
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